Tuesday, September 5, 2017

McKay High School 2017-2018 Drawing and Painting Syllabus


Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a broad overview of drawing x painting. A variety of methods, materials and techniques will be introduced to encourage exploration, experimentation and development of skill and knowledge. The content for this class will be derived from the four components below which I believe will ensure a well-rounded art education experience.

• Aesthetics- Learning to understand the nature, beauty, experience, meaning and value of art

• Art History- Acquiring knowledge about the contributions artists and art make to society and culture, acknowledging the contributions of other cultures.

• Art Criticism- Learning how to respond to art, learning how to make judgments about the properties and qualities in visual form. Becoming familiar with using and understanding the Elements and Principles of Design

• Art Production- Making and creating art!

Painting X Drawing is taught in three sections.

• Drawing X Painting 1- Students will build the fundamental skills in observational drawing and
painting. This section will emphasize the use of the elements in accordance to the principles to
create strong work.

• Drawing X Painting 2- Students will continue to focus on observational painting and drawing while
introducing concepts of abstraction and artistic voice. This course will build on basic painting
methods, procedures and color theory.

• Advanced Drawing X Painting - This course is designed to prepare a portfolio quality body of work
in a variety of painting and drawing media. Lessons include observational drawing/painting,
abstraction, issues in contemporary art, student voice and conceptual development.

Assessments / Grading for each marking period

Projects = 100 points
For each class project you will be given a handout describing the assignment, objectives and criteria of the lesson. You will be graded on creativity, level of effort, and craftsmanship (**see sample rubric)

Exams = 40-50 points
Your knowledge of the subject matter, media techniques and vocabulary will be assessed through one
exam after the completion of each project lesson.

In class assignments = 20-40 points
Sketches, notebooks and reflection sheets will be graded and checked as “in class” assignments

Community Collaboration & Discussion (Daily Points) = 20-40 points
This grade will be based on your group critiques, in class work habits, class discussion clarification
and clean up.

*Notebook Folders
You will be responsible for keeping all notes, handouts, sketches and exams. This folder will be kept in
class, distributed and collected during class time.

Studio Expectations

• Listen to and follow directions.
• Raise your hand to contribute.
• Be nice.
Student Support
• Reminder/ Warning
• Mindfulness Break
• Extended Mindfulness Break

Daily Points

4 Points available every day:

• 1 point for entering class quietly.

• 1 point for listening attentively.

• 1 point for good effort.

• 1 point for cleaning your space and leaving quietly.


• Please come into the studio ready for creative action.

• Take folders and sketchbooks out upon entering the room.

• Please do your best to focus on your work with minimal talking/distractions.

Notes/ Passes

• Please request my written permission to miss class when involved in any activity outside this class

• 10/10 rule for Hall pass. Please be mindful and considerate of your pass usage. Sign the Pass out
in the Marble Composition book. This is for school and student safety purposes.

• Please be responsible for getting any work, assignments or information that you missed during
your absence

• Sports/Club participants- I ask that you inform me ahead of time of games, practices or events
that involve you missing class.

Additional studio time to work on projects: see white board for availability/times.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and working with you this year!

Mr. McQuilling-Barron

Parent/Guardian X ____________________________________________

Student X ___________________________________________________

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