Friday, October 28, 2011

Foundation HW (9th Grade)


Complete the following in your sketchbook:

1. A grouping of three books, one opened. Pay close attention to the angles created by the edges of the books.

2. An arrangement of a cup and a saucer, and a sugar bowl. If you do not have these a cup, small plate and a small bowl will suffice. Remember to have objects overlap, not kissing one another or the edge of your paper

- All objects must have obvious highlight and shadow. Please include cast shadows when they are present.
-All images must fill page.
- When showing more than one object in a composition, the objects must overlap.
- If your sketchbook is smaller than 8.5" x 11" complete each drawing as a two page spread to allow you enough room to develop your drawing.
- Give yourself adequate time to work on your drawings... doing them the night before will most likely result in a rushed, incomplete or under developed drawing and a poor grade.

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