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Course Overview
This course is designed to provide a broad overview of painting x drawing. A variety of methods, materials and techniques will be introduced to encourage exploration, experimentation and development of skill and knowledge.
The content for this class will be derived from the four components below which I believe will ensure a well-rounded art education experience

• Aesthetics- Learning to understand the nature, beauty, experience, meaning and value of art

• Art History- Acquiring knowledge about the contributions artists and art make to society and culture, acknowledging the contributions of other cultures

• Art Criticism- Learning how to respond to art, learning how to make judgments about the properties and qualities in visual form. Becoming familiar with using and understanding the Elements and Principles of Design

• Art Production- Making and creating art!

Painting X Drawing is taught in three sections.

• 9th Grade: Foundation Drawing X Painting- Students will build the fundamental skills in observational drawing and painting. This section will emphasize the use of the elements in accordance to the principles to create strong work.
• 10th Grade: Intermediate Drawing X Painting- Students will continue to focus on observational painting and drawing while introducing concepts of abstraction and artistic voice. This course will build on basic painting methods, procedures and color theory.
• 11th & 12th Grade Advanced Painting X Drawing- This course is designed to prepare a portfolio quality body of work in a variety of painting and drawing media. Lessons include observational drawing/painting, abstraction, issues in contemporary art, student voice and conceptual development.

Assessments / Grading for each marking period

Projects = 100 points
For each class project you will be given a handout describing the assignment, objectives and criteria of the lesson
You will be graded on creativity, level of effort, and craftsmanship (see rubric on next page)

Research Paper- 1per marking period =40-50 points
Each marking period you will be given a written research paper that relates directly to the project and is vital that it be completed!
*ALL papers must be typed!

Exams = 40-50 points
Your knowledge of the subject matter, media techniques and vocabulary will be assessed through one exam after the completion of each project lesson

In class assignments = 20-40 points
Sketches, notebooks, group critiques and reflection sheets will be graded and checked as “in class” assignments

Effort/ Participation= 20-40 points
This grade will be based on your attitude, in class work habits, class discussion participation and clean up.
*Notebook Folders
You will be responsible for keeping all notes, handouts, sketches, returned homework and exams. This folder will be kept in class, distributed and collected during class time.

*Project and Homework Deadlines
• 1 day late= minus 15pts
• Not accepted after second day
Deadlines apply in your absence and presence
(If you are absent on the day of a deadline your project will be considered late)
Studio Procedures
• Come into the studio ready to work!
• Be ready for creative action
• Take out your work upon entering the room
• You are expected to focus on your work with minimal talking
• You are responsible for care of tools and keeping your cubby clean and organized
• You are responsible for following clean up procedures in your area before leaving the room
• Stop working when given 5-7 minute cleanup warning and not before
• After clean up remaining in your seats until the bell rings
• Display a positive attitude!
• The materials you are working with
• The teacher!
• Yourself
• Your peers, their ideas and impute

Prohibited in my class
• Headsets / Ipods etc
• Food
• Gum
• Cell phones
• Vulgar language
• Misuse or waste of materials
• Handling of work that doesn’t belong to you
• Disrespect to anyone!
• Excessive talking, constant disruptions
• Cutting class
• Hats, hoods, etc.
*Consequences for violation can result in: detention/ phone call to parent/ grade point deductions/ pink slip

Policies on lateness, detentions and notes, passes

Unexcused Lateness (without note or signed pass)
• Sign in the late log if you are more than a minute late after the bell rings
• Two lateness of one minute will result in a detention. You will receive a detention if you are over a minute late
• Detentions are to be taken during your lunch time or after school
• Failure to report to a detention will result in 1 more added detention and a possible phone call to parent
Notes/ passes
• You must request my written permission to miss class when involved in any activity outside this class
• If you are involved in sports, you must notify me of your absence in advance
• Any unexcused absence will result in a cut slip, detention and phone call to parent
• You are responsible for getting any work, assignments or information that you missed during your absence
• Sports participants- it is your responsibility to inform me of games that involve you missing class.
• Missed classes must be made up!
*Cutting class- a deduction of 10pts off your final grade

Additional Studio time to work on projects
• 5th period *
• 7th period
• After school

I’m looking forward to working with you this year!
Mr. McQuilling

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