Wednesday, September 28, 2011


10th, 11th and 12th Grade students: DUE OCT. 11th

Choose a domestic ritual , a daily activity that occurs in the home environment- your house or apartment- and make that the subject of your drawing. The ritual could be one that is as common as washing dishes, or it might be a more particular experience like gathering camping materials for a trip. Consider the entire area in which your domestic ritual occurs, not only the immediate vicinity such as a countertop. If the activity you choose is preparing coffee in the morning, you could compose your drawing so that the activity is viewed from outside the kitchen. This requires an environmental engagement with light, space, and composition. Experiment with different viewpoints and eye levels to determine the best way to compose the space you are observing. The ritual that you depict could occur in the foreground, middle ground or back ground of these spaces. Drawings that exploit changes in light tend to describe the location of the event the most effectively. For example, the foreground might be well lit and the background could be dark. Or your focal area could be bright and the surrounding space in shadow. You should use direct observation and may exaggerate the changes in illumination for dramatic effect.

1-2 pages (2 page spread) in your sketchbook, full value using graphite.

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