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3rd Marking Period Homework

All Assignments are due on the dates listed. Late work will not be accepted without a physicians note or paperwork from an outside agency (hospital, funeral home, court/lawyer etc.).

9th Grade Foundation

Still Life Arrangements

Complete the following in your sketchbooks.


A. All objects must have obvious highlight and shadow. Please include cast shadows when they are present.

B. All images must fill the page.

C. When showing more than one object in a composition, the objects must overlap.

1. A bicycle

2. An arrangement of 3 clear glasses filled with water.

3. Rendering of a face and neck three-quarter view.

4. Rendering of feet standing in three quarter view.

5. Rendering of you're hand holding an object.


Special Project

Subject- Choose a selection of objects that will serve to represent you. The objects should give the
viewer some information about your heritage, history, aspirations, beliefs etc. Be selective and choose
visually interesting/dynamic objects. Consider the symbolic or metaphoric possibilities of objects, be

Size - 18 X 24 inches

Medium- vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, white charcoal on toned Canson paper (available at Blick
or Utrecht).


- Must contain at least 5 objects

- Must include a foreground, middle ground and background.

- Must be viewed above or below eye level

- Must show an obvious light source, core shadow and cast shadow.

* Sketches for final piece may be completed in your sketchbook.

B/W Sketches Due: February 21st

Final Piece is due: March 13th

10th Grade Intermediate

Complete the following in your sketchbooks.

Figure Drawing: The following clothed figures are to be rendered in graphite pencil. You must include
evidence of an obvious light source and appropriate values for describing the horizontal and vertical
space around the figure. All figures are to fill the page and be in 3/4 view. All figures must be drawn
from life, no photographs.

1. A standing figure with its weight one leg.

2. A figure sitting on a stool .

3. A figure reclining on a sofa, bed, or floor.

4. A figure leaning against a wall.

5. A figure sitting on the floor with its legs crossed and its torso turned to face the left or right.

All sketchbook work is due April 10th

Plein Air Urban Landscape

Subject- The urban landscape "en plain air".

Size - 8.5 x 11

Medium- Acrylic, watercolor, water soluble oils or oils.


- Avoid bullseye compositions and parallel spaces.

- Use color temperature and saturation to enhance space.

- Include more then two buildings.

- The time of day should be obvious according to your palette.

- Must contain a foreground, middle ground and background.

- Must show an obvious light source

The pieces will be evaluated on:

- Composition
- Depiction of Space

- Light

- Use of color

- Craftsmanship

* Sketches for final piece may be completed in your sketchbook.

B/W Sketches Due: Wednesday February 15th

Color Sketches due: Wednesday February 29th

Final Piece is due: Wednesday March 21st

David Shevlino "Evening Color" 8x10

Constance LaPalombara "9th Square" 36x42

Peter Van Dyck "Rooftop Looking North" 23x24

Peter Van Dyck "Corner of Ripka and Wilde Streets" 18x24

Peter Van Dyck "Ripka St. Porches" 24x23

Stephen Magsig "Shadows at 53 Greene St." 60x42

William Wray "Cheveron" 19x24

James Martin "Between the Poles" 10 x8

11th/12th Grade Advanced


- Select a painting completed by an artist from the list below. You will be required to submit a
short research paper (1page) identifying the date, medium and iconography of the painting.
Upon completion of you research and approval of the painting you will complete a sketch/
value copy ( completed in graphite or charcoal ) and then a full color copy.

- Caravaggio
- Cezanne
- Degas.
- Raphael
- Gaughan.
- Michelangelo
- Vincent Van Gogh. (minus starry night)
- Morandi.
- Frida Kahlo
- Alice Neil
- El Greco

- MEDIUM: watercolor, acrylic, oils or oil pastel.

-SIZE: Minimum 18x24, if square minimum of 24x24

The pieces will be evaluated on:

- Accuracy of the copy

- Structure / form of the copy

- Accurate use of light and shade

- Use of color

- Craftsmanship

Painting Selection Due: February 9th

B/W Sketch copy Due: February 23rd

Mid Progress Critique : March 15th

Final Piece Due: April 10th


Your personal ARTISTIC journal is your daily record of your thoughts, realizations, concerns, hopes,
fears and reactions to any event in your private or public life.

What will distinguish this journal from all others is the ARTISTIC way you are going to combine your
PICTORIAL and VERBAL "notes". They will be integrated within a "single" or a "double page spread"
in such a way that one cannot be successfully separated from the other. Your text may be painted or
printed but it must be INTEGRATED into the visual concept of the page as a visual balance of the page
is what you wish to achieve. All pages do not need to incorporate text but the majority should include some sort of written component. Make sure each page has been developed and fully realized. Content is open to allow you creative freedom.

You are required to submit a minimum of 10 fully realized pages in full color using a mix of media. Each page is worth 10 points for a total of 50 points *This will be multiplied by 2 for your final grade.

Final Due Date: Tuesday March 27th

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