Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Journal Inspiration

*Excerpt from an interview with John Copeland about his Journals:
"Barron Storey got me started on those in 96, and I’ve been keeping them ever since. Small scale intensive sketchbooks where each page is made into a finished statement. Best part of that practice is the discipline and learning to follow through with each page till it works, experimentation and play. Anything goes in those, so you learn to play with images while working hard."

Here are several artists worth looking at to help spark some ideas for content, style, and level of craftsmanship/finish. The art journals are intended to be a place for you to spread your creative wings and experiment with materials, layering and conceptual material. Your text can be serious or as silly and simple as conversations overheard in the lunchroom. Work on several pages at once. If a piece is beginning to frustrate you, leave it and work on another. Return to those pages that frustrated you later with a fresh perspective and hopefully some new ideas/approaches to solving the visual problems they were presenting. Most importantly, have fun! This is an important part of the artists practice and will improve your work immensely.

Lapin of Doodlers Anonymous

Morgan Blair of Doodlers Anonymous

Lauren Nassef of Doodlers Anonymous

John Copeland 1

John Copeland's Full website- check the painting and drawing sections

James Jean sketchbooks- search through all of them! These are great.

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